baker city oregon homes for sale historic, which specializes in uncovering great places to find historic homes at good prices, recently profiled Baker.

One of our jobs at Baker City Realty is to keep on top of the latest trends in the industry. So we thought this

blog post in was definitely worth passing along. The blog is  called “You Should Move To…” by Lindsey Riddell, an architectural historian with a passion for Victorian homes. She travels the country “scoping out beautiful, under-the-radar old house towns where big charm can be had for little cost” and recently visited Baker City.

She sums it up very well:

These days everyone is crazy about Portland, but I say abandon that grueling pace of life and those meagre real estate rations! Load up your wagons and head east of the Cascades where open space and tranquility abound; Why move to Oregon’s trendiest (and one of its rainiest) cities when you can live in one with four distinct seasons and just as much charm?

Riddell goes on to explain how incredible historical homes in good condition can be had for a bargain price, including folk gothic cottages, eclectic Queen Annes or craftsman bungalows of all sizes. She notes that many of the homes have sunrooms and beautifully maintained historic details like built-in bookshelves, fireplace surrounds, original hardwood floors and tile, wainscoting, tin ceilings and claw-foot tubs.

Because we’re in the local real estate industry, these truths are obvious to us, but sometimes an outsider makes the points astoundingly clear. At any given point in time, we may have a dozen or more classic, historic homes and businesses in great shape for around $100,000. Since we have an emphasis in artist relocation, this works out well, as many artists appreciate the traditional beauty of historic homes and storefronts.



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