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Lyle Laeger Reminisces About His Real Estate Career In Baker County

January 30, 2021

By Lisa Britton | The Baker City Herald Lyle Laeger is the legacy of Baker City Realty, his career in local real estate spanning nearly half a century. Laeger, 92, entered the real estate scene in 1961 with Blue Mountain Realty. Three years later he struck out on his own and established Baker City Realty.…

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Eastern Oregon Video Gallery

February 13, 2018

Young Roots Farm and Artist SK Cothren Travis Cook of Copper Belt Winery and Tom Novak, Artist Voices of the Forest – Forester Geoff Phillips Voices of the Forest – Slade Elbert Voices of the Forest – Jared Johnson Flagstaff Sports

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Escape the hustle and live among history

June 28, 2017

As our days continue to fill with clutter and and over charged media, it often makes one desire a slow down in life; a mere escape from it all. There are some who go to such extremes as complete off-the-grid living, tucked far away where they are detached from the hustle. Then there are some who seek…

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It’s All About Community

April 18, 2016

On any given day, most of us “Bakerites,” find ourselves dabbling in all realms of what is Baker City. From feeding cattle to taking powder runs at Anthony Lakes, or taking a yoga class then heading out for a quick hunt, or perhaps braking horses then head to the local pub to play music. or…

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Random Hours

October 5, 2015

What are consumers to do? Most people, whether living in town, from out in the country or just passing through, have recognized that many merchants and shopkeepers in Baker keep random hours. One may ask, “what’s up with these people?” The answer lies in the idea of lifestyle. This ain’t no urban-suburban-knockdown-drag-out commuter, gotta-get-to-the-store sort…

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McMenamins in Baker City? It’s Already Here!

September 9, 2015

It is in part human nature to look externally for support, especially when the idea is to accomplish something. For a number of years now, a common conversation in Baker has been to ask why we haven’t brought McMenamins to town. The hard truth at one level is, of course, simply in the numbers. We…

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Baker City: The Best Little Beer Town in America

August 27, 2015

With Barley Brown’s out pacing most small craft breweries nationally in regard to medals won at prime competitions, like the Great American Beer Festival, Baker City has most certainly secured its place as the Best Little Beer Town in America. After years of perfecting their craft, owner & brewer, Tyler Brown, has helped pave the…

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Baker City has arrived! Read All About It!

August 27, 2015

Baker City – Your “Getaway” Pacific Northwest Destination Several recent articles in wide-area publications are showing the world that the world is taking note of Baker City: Overnighter: Baker City Oregon Every man I see is thickly bearded, save one with a goatee. And he runs the place. This I expect of Portland, where I…

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What you think you might miss in Portland, you can create in Baker City

July 20, 2015

Baker City has always been a prosperous and industrious community. From the initial gold rush days at Old Auburn and Sumpter, to decades of booming timber industry, to a legacy of cattle ranching, Baker County has contributed greatly to Oregon’s economy. As it turns out, the glory of our past is the direct path to…

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Global Trade & Small Business in Eastern Oregon

May 9, 2015

Check out the link below to learn how global trade is making a positive impact on a local manufacture in Baker City. Just another great reason to live in Eastern Oregon! Business Oregon Features Baker City company, Natural Structures

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