What you think you might miss in Portland, you can create in Baker City

Baker City has always been a prosperous and industrious community. From the initial gold rush days at Old Auburn and Sumpter, to decades of booming timber industry, to a legacy of cattle ranching, Baker County has contributed greatly to Oregon’s economy. As it turns out, the glory of our past is the direct path to our future success. Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort demonstrates this very well through their tag line: “same as it ever was.”

There is something curious about the Wild West being East of Oregon’s contemporary populations centers, but as times change there is value in taking a look at a change of pace. Baker City is fast becoming a dynamic center with unique lifestyle attributes which includes the foundation from which people can relocate and create their own enterprises. With the explosion of activity in brewing, centered around Barley Brown’s Brewing and Gold Rush Malting, businesses are demonstrating that Baker is the place to “get’er done” The newly formed Baker Technical Institute is additionally a great resource for training in a number of the contemporary trades! As Oregon continues to experience growth in the the career and technical trade areas as well as light industry, Baker City is positioning itself at the forefront, crafting a new economy in the midst of a historic boom-town mentality.
It is encouraged to glance up from your mobile device and take a drive to Baker City. Remember what clean air and no traffic feels like. Reconnect and slow down. Create in Baker City.
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