The Great Salt Lick

Young Roots Farm and Artist SK Cothren

Eagle Creek Orchard through the eyes of Artist Sandra Ford

Travis Cook of Copper Belt Winery and Tom Novak, Artist

Voices of the Forest – Tracy Case

Voices of the Forest – Forester Geoff Phillips

Voices of the Forest – Dave Densley

Voices of the Forest – Slade Elbert

Voices of the Forest – Karma Namgyel Rinpoche

Voices of the Forest – Jared Johnson Flagstaff Sports


On any given day, most of us “Bakerites,” find ourselves dabbling in all realms of what is Baker City. From feeding cattle to taking powder runs at Anthony Lakes, or taking a yoga class then heading out for a quick hunt, or perhaps braking horses then head to the local pub to play music. or perhaps working the desk job only to head out for an evening fish. The diverse community that we call home is special to us. We are excited and eager to share these stories and experiences with you.

Ann Heriza Bryan at Mad Matilda’s Coffee House

Ann Heriza Bryan at Mad Matilda’s Coffee House

Here, at Baker City Realty, community advocacy and development are imperative to our value system. We take the concierge approach in helping the transition for locals and newcomers alike, and want to share with you the many opportunities available in Baker. It is our prerogative to aid in a seamless transition, whether it be a new home or business venture.

Elkhorn Embroidery “Business for Sale”

Elkhorn Embroidery “Business for Sale”

Baker City Realty has grown on the commercial and business development side, bringing more expertise and personable touch in contributing to the ongoing progression of our local economy. Our office works closely with the Small Business Development Center, as well as County Economic Development. Along side of lenders and other community resources, we strive to make sure that both current and prospective community members are able to fulfill their enterprising an entrepreneurial dreams right here in Baker!

Baker Grocery Warehouse - A Truly Historic Property

Baker Grocery Warehouse – A Truly Historic Property

Baker City Realty continues it’s historic participation in helping people buy or sell agricultural properties throughout Baker County and Eastern Oregon. We are prepared to help people fulfill both their personal and economic goals and their broader dreams, whether big or small.

The Douglas K Ranch Sparta - Neighborhood “for sale”

The Douglas K Ranch Sparta – Neighborhood “for sale”

Our clients can always take comfort in knowing that we have their best interests at heart. Both Chelsea McLagan and Andrew Bryan, along with our colleagues in the office Ann Mehaffy and Cindy Hunter, are always working together to meet the needs of our customers. We value the diverse community that we call home and look forward to growing and sharing it with you!


It is in part human nature to look externally for support, especially when the idea is to accomplish something. For a number of years now, a common conversation in Baker has been to ask why we haven’t brought McMenamins to town. The hard truth at one level is, of course, simply in the numbers. We do not have the population or the demographic for the business consultants and corporate placement specialists to give the green light. However, the other side of that truth is the underlying reality that at a basic conceptual framework, Baker is already a McMenamins.

Perhaps we need to shift our perspective and take ownership of our McMenamins-like capacity. That is to say, look around. Our downtown historic district is made up of the components of a McMenamins. Take McMenamins Edgefild in Troutdale, Oregon, for example. Visitors at Edgefield dine on pub food and drink locally brewed beer, listen to live music, go out to the whiskey bar for a night cap and curl up in the on-site hotel.

Baker already boasts the historic architecture, a (much better, in our opinion) local brew pub, a theater, retail shops and music venues. How about that night cap? Enjoy the wine bar or perhaps a drink at the historic hotel. Although not currently singular in branding, the original Base Camp Baker project included this very template. From an economic development standpoint, Base Camp Baker was a viable concept to package Baker City as whole.

Even though the scale might be a bit different and the goal might not be just tourism, we should learn to embrace the idea that Baker is the next generation McMenanmins. It’s an experience that locals and visitors alike can participate and revel in!

We ought to demonstrate to the world at large that we here, now, are celebrating life through our endeavors and our experiences. I go to a tap room, then head to the theater. The show is over, so I go out for live music. I’m up the next morning heading downtown for breakfast and coffee, then I’m checking out what’s at the book store, the kitchen store, the shoe store, etc. And, how about that, there’s a parade today, or a 5k, or another one of our many local events. Our local events are not to attract tourism or economic development. They are a part of our culture, our experience.

The more we focus on ourselves, as a community, (call it Baker for Bakerites), the more the rest of the equation will take care of itself. The balance of our visitors are Baker alumni, friends and family, no less. The reason of return is not only to reminisce about the past, but to experience the present. I’d say right now, right here, we are having a great time, and all of our Baker brothers and sisters out there are taking note, coming back, and visiting more often! The past is certainly to be celebrated, but the present is where it is at!

So, Baker, keep up the good work! Keep making “it” happen. Embrace the beersperience, the arts scene, the new “foodie” culture, go to a play, make a movie, ride a bike, ski till you drop, get out there and tell the world McBAKERmins is alive and well, (if you are so inclined.) Let’em know Baker hasn’t just arrived, it is always arriving and thriving in its own, unique way, just the way we like it!


Barley Browns Award-winning BrewsWith Barley Brown’s out pacing most small craft breweries nationally in regard to medals won at prime competitions, like the Great American Beer Festival, Baker City has most certainly secured its place as the Best Little Beer Town in America. After years of perfecting their craft, owner & brewer, Tyler Brown, has helped pave the way for even more local hops action. Barley Brown’s has attracted some of the best brewers around, most all who are local to Baker City. Barley’s current brewers, Eli Dickison and Addison Collard, proceeded the famed local Shawn Kelso, now at 10 Barrel Brewing in Boise, Idaho. Experienced brewmaster, Marks Lanham also made a splash at Barley Brown’s after brewing for Boneyard in Bend, Oregon and before moving to Denver to open his own brewery, Comrade Brewing.

Hansen & Weis Co. Furniture StoreFor ever and a day, Baker City had the oldest continual bar in Oregon, up until the old log cabin tavern, then called the Brew In Stein, closed. While those days are now long gone, a new wave of craft beer has overtaken our town. Lefty’s Taphouse recently opened in the old Hansen & Weis Co. Furniture Store building, providing over 30 taps of craft beers and ciders. With live music and happy hour, Lefty’s Taphouse is a fun local hangout. The newest taproom edition, the BEERded Dog Growler Fill Station, has become a haven for beer lovers with furry friends! That’s right, enjoy a pint from one of 20+ taps in the company of your dog! Even York’s Grocery, a general store and outdoorsman shop, has added a growler fill station.

Pacific Brewery - Baker City OregonIt’s evident that little ol’ Baker City is keeping up with beer-meccas like Bend, Portland & Denver. In a town who’s population has remained unchanged since the gold rush, one can enjoy the luxury of a hip beer town with a down-home feel. Best of both worlds? Well, we think so.

And then, if just brewing, tasting, and imbibing were not enough, Tom Hutchinson recently founded Gold Rush Malting, a micro malting facility for regional craft brewers. Baker City continues to ride Oregon’s wave of micropreneurism. Baker innovation is bringing those of us locally, and others far and wide, a top quality beersperience!


Baker City has always been a prosperous and industrious community. From the initial gold rush days at Old Auburn and Sumpter, to decades of booming timber industry, to a legacy of cattle ranching, Baker County has contributed greatly to Oregon’s economy. As it turns out, the glory of our past is the direct path to our future success. Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort demonstrates this very well through their tag line: “same as it ever was.”

There is something curious about the Wild West being East of Oregon’s contemporary populations centers, but as times change there is value in taking a look at a change of pace. Baker City is fast becoming a dynamic center with unique lifestyle attributes which includes the foundation from which people can relocate and create their own enterprises. With the explosion of activity in brewing, centered around Barley Brown’s Brewing and Gold Rush Malting, businesses are demonstrating that Baker is the place to “get’er done” The newly formed Baker Technical Institute is additionally a great resource for training in a number of the contemporary trades! As Oregon continues to experience growth in the the career and technical trade areas as well as light industry, Baker City is positioning itself at the forefront, crafting a new economy in the midst of a historic boom-town mentality.
It is encouraged to glance up from your mobile device and take a drive to Baker City. Remember what clean air and no traffic feels like. Reconnect and slow down. Create in Baker City.


Check out the link below to learn how global trade is making a positive impact on a local manufacture in Baker City. Just another great reason to live in Eastern Oregon!

Business Oregon Features Baker City company, Natural Structures


With spring in full swing, home owners are eager to begin home remodel projects. Before you begin that much-awaited remodel project, make sure to read this important piece of info from our friends at House Logic; “The 6 Best Time-Tested Remodeling Projects – and the Worst!”



One might overlook Baker County as a recreational hub. It’s too “backwoods,” or too “podunk.” It’s so small and rural, how can there be anything to do?! Enter the truth:

Baker County has a little slice of everything and that’s why 17,000 people call this county home. If you dig just below the large agricultural presence, one will find vast diversity in all things recreational. There is a beautiful golf course, a fabulous little ski resort, and plenty of lakes to fish and forest to hunt. Not to mention, miles of roads to cycle and thousands of acres of land to run. Recently, a handful of awesome mountain bike trail systems have sprouted throughout the Valley. The trails are a direct result of passionate and devoted residents.

Seven years ago, a couple relocated to the Baker Valley to escape the hustle and bustle of their former home. Avid skiers, hikers, mountain bikers and overall outdoor enthusiasts, Pat & Elishah Thomas found a niche and have combined their passions with a business plan. Range Tour & Shuttle Company is born.

Range Tour & Shuttle Company offers guided mountain bike rides, as well as hiking and biking shuttles in and around the Baker Valley! Like many other small business successes in our Valley, Range Tour & Shuttle Co. is graciously welcomed to the county with an out pour of community support and enthusiasm.

Just another reason we all love the Baker Valley! Congratulations Pat & Elishah!



Ann Mehaffy receiving "Legacy Woman of the Year!"

Ann Mehaffy receiving “Legacy Woman of the Year!”


Baker City Realty Broker, Ann Mehaffy, was awarded Baker County “Legacy Woman of the Year,” at last weekend’s Baker County Chamber Banquet. Known for her involvement in everything Baker County, Ann’s recent recognition is well deserved. As past coordinator of Historic Baker City, a member of the Crossroads Carnegie Art Center Board or Directors, and an active member in the Ford Family Foundation,(just to name a few) Ann has a full portfolio of serving Baker.


It is this knowledge, expertise, and charismatic attitude that make Ann a wonderful person to talk with about buying or selling a home in the Baker Valley! We are proud to have such a passionate community member as a Baker City Realty broker. Congratulations, Ann!


Representing Baker County for 53 years, Baker City Realty is proud to continue supporting our local community. Below is list of local organizations that BCR has contributed to during 2014. It is these organizations, among many others, that help make Baker County the perfect place to call home. Happy New Year!

  • Brooklyn Primary PTO

  • Historic Baker City, Inc.

  • Young Life

  • YMCA Swim Team

  • Baker Broncs and Bulls

  • Pine Valley Fair

  • Baker 4H/FFA Fair

  • The Great Salt Lick

  • Crossroad Art Center Gala

  • Festival of Trees

  • Baker Quarterback Club