Welcome Range Tour & Shuttle Co!

One might overlook Baker County as a recreational hub. It’s too “backwoods,” or too “podunk.” It’s so small and rural, how can there be anything to do?! Enter the truth:

Baker County has a little slice of everything and that’s why 17,000 people call this county home. If you dig just below the large agricultural presence, one will find vast diversity in all things recreational. There is a beautiful golf course, a fabulous little ski resort, and plenty of lakes to fish and forest to hunt. Not to mention, miles of roads to cycle and thousands of acres of land to run. Recently, a handful of awesome mountain bike trail systems have sprouted throughout the Valley. The trails are a direct result of passionate and devoted residents.

Seven years ago, a couple relocated to the Baker Valley to escape the hustle and bustle of their former home. Avid skiers, hikers, mountain bikers and overall outdoor enthusiasts, Pat & Elishah Thomas found a niche and have combined their passions with a business plan. Range Tour & Shuttle Company is born.

Range Tour & Shuttle Company offers guided mountain bike rides, as well as hiking and biking shuttles in and around the Baker Valley! Like many other small business successes in our Valley, Range Tour & Shuttle Co. is graciously welcomed to the county with an out pour of community support and enthusiasm.

Just another reason we all love the Baker Valley! Congratulations Pat & Elishah!


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