Random Hours

What are consumers to do? Most people, whether living in town, from out in the country or just passing through, have recognized that many merchants and shopkeepers in Baker keep random hours.

One may ask, “what’s up with these people?” The answer lies in the idea of lifestyle. This ain’t no urban-suburban-knockdown-drag-out commuter, gotta-get-to-the-store sort of town. We all know our local merchants. We value and appreciate these merchants. Even in the face of a smaller economy, Baker is working toward a critical mass of small storefronts throughout town, providing an incredible variety of options for locals. Shopping local is convenient and let’s admit it, it feels good! But, at the end of the day, it is common that at some point during the week, a shopkeeper might decide to go make powder turns at the Anthony Lakes, or go out for an afternoon hunt, or perhaps take a trip down to the Snake River, or maybe head to the Elkhorn or Wallowa mountains for a day hike. While this irritates some consumers, it is imperative that we recognize the lifestyle of Baker City. That’s why we reside here, right?!

So whether a shop a is open one day a week, 5 days a week, or every damn day of the week, consumers must celebrate and appreciate what we have, and shop local! Shop global if that’s your desire, but don’t forget to step inside the doors of one of our local stores, say hello and remember these are our friends, family, and neighbors running these unique little places.

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