Love Ranch combines business and beautiful living

Bake County has plenty of great places to live – beautiful historic homes, as well as modern dwellings. Baker also has lots of opportunities to start a business, or purchase an existing business. Sometimes, the business and the workplace combine perfectly, as in the Love Ranch at 28455 Middle Bridge Loop, listed for $795,000.

The Love Ranch has a well-maintained 2,674 square-foot main home of two stories.  Built in 1898, the farmhouse has hosted generations of Baker ranching families and has been sensitively restored. In addition to the historic farmhouse, the Love Ranch also includes a guest cabin, an old working barn, a shop and other outbuildings. Plenty of trees provide shade for the yard, which lends itself perfectly to summer lounging or receptions. A partitioned vegetable garden will grow anything suitable for Baker’s climate.

The business angle lies in the 100 acres that comes with the Love Ranch. Right now, HOWMANY cattle and HOWMANY horses use the land. An irrigated meadow produces about 110-120 tons a year, suitable for selling. The ranch can profitably board other animals and has served as part of a local ranching cooperative. The ranch’s productivity is secure, thanks to its original water rights that are more than 100 years old.

Despite is strong rural character, Love Ranch is just 20 minutes from Baker and and, in the other direction, a short trip to the Eagle Cap Wilderness. Truly as special place, Love Ranch sites at the center of agriculture, hunting and recreation.

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