The real thing: An Old West gold mine for sale

Every now and then, we come across something truly unusual. Here we have a real, actual Western gold mine on almost 89 acres for $550,000. The Olive Creek mines are on private property in Baker County and were last mined around 1909. These are patented mines with valid claims and anyone buying this property would be entitled to begin mining again. Mines are rich in history and this one has colorful names for its claims like Red Bell 1,2 and 3, Manhatten and Black Bart. The nearest towns are Sumpter, population 204, and Greenhorn – officially the smallest town in Oregon, with a population of 3.

We can't make any assurances about how much gold you'd find and you'd need to comply with laws applicable to mines on private property. However, for someone wanting an authentic piece of the Old West, this is the real deal. The property also comes with a habitable workshop/dwelling. Even if you're not into gold mining, this is a great place for outdoor recreation and unparalleled snowmobiling. If you're interested, call or text Andrew Bryan at 208-484-5835

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